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The most important factor that determines the benefits you get form using this script is the policy you use to name your site pages. This highly depends on your own experience as a webmaster, but here are some tricks for some three basic scenarios.

A) Simple presentation site. You probably have a site with few pages and want to know what pages visitors are interested most. Give each page a clear name, like "home", "about", "services" etc. If you are a webmaster and want to impress your boss or client with some on hand statistics about their site, install Smart Statistics and show them nice results in the admin page.

B) E-Commerce site. If you have an e-commerce site, it is vital to know what products are most visited and you probably already have this feature in your site. But even if you do, an overall image of what pages are most visited can give you a clear hint on what page to concentrate your efforts most in improving. The great advantage on the classical loggers is that you can give any name to a page, for example "Product aaa", "Product bbb" instead of ids and long query strings that you can have trouble figuring out how to interpret them.

C) Links Directory. If you are webmaster for a links directory, one of the most interesting information you need to know is what category is most popular with your visitors and what they search most. You can find out both with Smart Statistics, by calling the logging function of Smart Statistics with the name of the category for the category page, and with the search term for the search results page. So, you can give any parameter to the ss_log function, even search terms. And all with the same script and on the same database table.

D) Bot Monitor. Since any parameter can be passed to the logging function, you can use Smart Statistics to log evolution of any relevant information of your sites's visitors. But not only human visitors are important for a site, bots are very important to keep an eye on. To see a live demo of using Smart Statistics to keep User-Agent statistics, please see Agent Statistics page.