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The registry key is not there after deleting so it must be looking at soemthing else. The registry key is not there after deleting so it must be looking at soemthing else. SQL Server 2008 RTM and Visual Studio 2008 RTM is not a supported configuration if you have chosen features that require VS 2008 SP1 bits (BIDS, Integration Services, or Management Tools). I got this same error which is absolutely silly. http://smartphpstatistics.com/visual-studio/error-uninstalling-visual-studio-2008.html

more stack exchange communities company blog Stack Exchange Inbox Reputation and Badges sign up log in tour help Tour Start here for a quick overview of the site Help Center Detailed Verify that the patch exists and that you can access it, or contact the application vendor to verify that this is a valid Windows Installer patch package." Thanks. Thanks for any help! INSTALLMESSAGE_ACTIONSTART [Action 18:27:31: SetARPINSTALLLOCATIONProperty. ] [8/2/2011, 18:27:31] (IronSpigot::MsiExternalUiHandler::UiHandler) Returning IDOK. https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/heaths/2008/05/16/kb944899-should-be-removed-before-installing-visual-studio-2008-sp1/

Error Visual Studio 2008 Sp1

INSTALLMESSAGE_ACTIONSTART [Action 18:27:23: SetVBAFilesIsInstalled_To_True. ] [8/2/2011, 18:27:23] (IronSpigot::MsiExternalUiHandler::UiHandler) Returning IDOK. INSTALLMESSAGE_ACTIONSTART [Action 18:27:09: CA_SetSxSProp_7.0_1_VC7.3643236F_FC70_11D3_A536_0090278A1BB8. ] [8/2/2011, 18:27:9] (IronSpigot::MsiExternalUiHandler::UiHandler) Returning IDOK. Reply Santik says: March 6, 2010 at 12:01 pm Thanks for the info burt, had same problem here. I have found several articles on this, the most promising of which indicates that the remote debugger should be uninstalled.

I would Reply sqldbatips.com blog says: August 12, 2008 at 1:57 am As mentioned in a previous post , parts of SQL 2008 require you to have Visual Studio 2008 SP1 We get an null reference exception after pressing the install button on the wizard item "Setup Support Files". Just uninstall these and select Re-run to proceed with the installation. Visual Studio 2008 Sp1 Redistributable Windows update finds no more updates (and I don't have any updates hidden).

Copying new files] [8/2/2011, 18:27:29] (IronSpigot::MsiExternalUiHandler::UiHandler) Returning IDOK. Previous Releases Of Visual Studio 2008 Failed Sql Server How does Microsoft expect the average user to install SQL Server Express if they have to run other Microsoft software manually first. If the above workaround does not work, would you please follow the steps below to install VS 2008 SP1 again, and help collect the entire installation logs for further analyze? https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=10986 Finally, I modified the reg keys that Bob listed ( HKLMSOFTWAREMicrosoftDevDivVSServicing9.0 and HKLMSoftwareWOW6432NodeMicrosoftDevDivVSServicing9.0 ) and I changed all the "SP" keys to 1.

Registering product] [8/2/2011, 18:27:31] (IronSpigot::MsiExternalUiHandler::UiHandler) Returning IDOK. Visual Studio 2008 Sp1 Free Download Searching for installed applications] [8/2/2011, 18:27:12] (IronSpigot::MsiExternalUiHandler::UiHandler) Returning IDOK. When I looked I saw some entries that weren't VS entries. VS 2008 supports up to sql server 2005 version.

Previous Releases Of Visual Studio 2008 Failed Sql Server

If you have been unable to install VS90SP1-KB971092-x86.exe, please register at https://connect.microsoft.com/VisualStudio/feedback/ViewFeedback.aspx?FeedbackID=478117 if you have not already done so. https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/psssql/2008/08/11/sql-server-2008-visual-studio-2008-sp1-and-net-framework-3-5-sp1-explained/ INSTALLMESSAGE_ACTIONSTART [Action 18:27:13: FormatFilesInUseTemplate. ] [8/2/2011, 18:27:13] (IronSpigot::MsiExternalUiHandler::UiHandler) Returning IDOK. Error Visual Studio 2008 Sp1 I first deleted the 32 bit key but it wasn't the problem. Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Download INSTALLMESSAGE_ACTIONSTART [Action 18:27:23: SetODBCDefaultDSNFolder. ] [8/2/2011, 18:27:23] (IronSpigot::MsiExternalUiHandler::UiHandler) Returning IDOK.

Best Regards, Andrew Wu [MSFT] MSDN Community Support | Feedback to us Get or Request Code Sample from Microsoft Please remember to mark the replies as answers if they help and navigate here A fine example of the right know knowing what the left is doing at MS. Property(S): DiskPrompt = [1] Property(S): UpgradeCode = {9E906A11-9706-373E-ADE9-693555097942} Property(S): SystemFolder = C:\WINDOWS\SysWOW64\ Property(S): WindowsFolder_x86.3643236F_FC70_11D3_A536_0090278A1BB8 = C:\WINDOWS\ Property(S): SystemFolder_x86.3643236F_FC70_11D3_A536_0090278A1BB8 = C:\WINDOWS\SysWOW64\ Property(S): VersionNT = 502 Event Viewer: EventType spinstaller, P1 microsoft visual INSTALLMESSAGE_ACTIONSTART [Action 18:27:31: CA_RegisterFilter.3643236F_FC70_11D3_A536_0090278A1BB8. ] [8/2/2011, 18:27:31] (IronSpigot::MsiExternalUiHandler::UiHandler) Returning IDOK. Visual Studio 2008 Sp1 Full Download

Leon Reply Andre // Aug 3, 2009 at 00:05 The sad thing is when you log this bug with Microsoft do they want to charge you. INSTALLMESSAGE_ACTIONSTART [Action 18:27:07: SystemFolder.97F81AF1_0E47_DC99_FF1F_C8B3B9A1E18E. ] [8/2/2011, 18:27:7] (IronSpigot::MsiExternalUiHandler::UiHandler) Returning IDOK. INSTALLMESSAGE_ACTIONSTART [Action 18:27:31: RegisterProduct. Check This Out INSTALLMESSAGE_ACTIONSTART [Action 18:27:07: ProgramMenuFolder.3643236F_FC70_11D3_A536_0090278A1BB8. ] [8/2/2011, 18:27:7] (IronSpigot::MsiExternalUiHandler::UiHandler) Returning IDOK.

The error message I am getting from the MS website when I try to DL it on the "Web Platform Installer v2.0" is: "You must install Visual Basic 2008 SP1 before Visual Studio 2008 Express Sp1 INSTALLMESSAGE_ACTIONSTART [Action 18:27:09: CA_SetSxSProp_7.0_0_VS7.3643236F_FC70_11D3_A536_0090278A1BB8. ] [8/2/2011, 18:27:9] (IronSpigot::MsiExternalUiHandler::UiHandler) Returning IDOK. Comments powered by Disqus Signup to my Newsletter Enter your email address to get updates and all blog posts sent stright to your inbox.

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The version does not matched because the source media is not provided. 2008-08-21 09:06:19 Slp: Package ID SqlSupport2005_Cpu32: MSI: Package version data are " Installed Version: 9.00.3042.00" 2008-08-21 09:06:19 Slp: Package If you are not going to target the Itanium processor (i.e., IA64), there's no point in installing all the junk that comes with VS for it and running into install issues Details Version:SP1File Name:VS90sp1-KB945140-ENU.exeDate Published:8/11/2008File Size:536 KB This download installs Visual Studio 2008 Service Pack 1 (SP1) and the .NET Framework 3.5 SP1. Visual Studio 2008 Express Sp1 Download Is the mass of a singular star almost constant throughout it's lifetime?

I run into another issue when trying to do this which indicates that there are "invalid characters in the Program Files path". --------------------------- Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Remote Debugger (x64) Setup The cause was that VS2008 PROFESSIONAL had been installed prior to Team System, and the Professional SP1 hadn't been applied. Ridiculously bad install experience. http://smartphpstatistics.com/visual-studio/error-installing-visual-studio-2008.html And all this just to be able to change the authorization mode from Integrated to SQL Server one.

Visual C++ 2008 SP1 - x64 Runtime 3. Unregistered ProjectType (VisualBasic). I´'ve seen it posted in many sites, but it simply isn't enough. Reply Jim4Prez // Jul 31, 2009 at 14:00 Didn't help me.

How complicated can you make copying files? INSTALLMESSAGE_ACTIONSTART [Action 18:27:28: CA_RollbackTempHxDs.3643236F_FC70_11D3_A536_0090278A1BB8. ] [8/2/2011, 18:27:28] (IronSpigot::MsiExternalUiHandler::UiHandler) Returning IDOK. I'm logged in as Administrator when doing the installation. INSTALLMESSAGE_ACTIONSTART [Action 18:27:07: WindowsFolder.68B7C6D9_1DF2_54C1_FF1F_C8B3B9A1E18E. ] [8/2/2011, 18:27:7] (IronSpigot::MsiExternalUiHandler::UiHandler) Returning IDOK.

INSTALLMESSAGE_ACTIONSTART [Action 18:27:09: CA_SetSxSProp_7.0_0_VC7.3643236F_FC70_11D3_A536_0090278A1BB8. ] [8/2/2011, 18:27:9] (IronSpigot::MsiExternalUiHandler::UiHandler) Returning IDOK. If VS 2008 SP1 is not installed Reply BusinessRx Reading List says: August 15, 2008 at 8:29 pm Certain features of Microsoft SQL Server 2008 require Visual Studio 2008 SP1. How to convert a set of sequential integers into a set of unique random numbers? Removing duplicated files] [8/2/2011, 18:27:29] (IronSpigot::MsiExternalUiHandler::UiHandler) Returning IDOK.

Microsoft Windows SDK for Visual Studio 2008 Tools 12. Before install Visual Studio, please turn off your anti-virus/antispyware software; clean your %temp% folder (Start Menu >> Run >> Type "%temp% >> OK). INSTALLMESSAGE_ACTIONSTART [Action 18:27:07: DesktopFolder.ED87AC8C_04A6_468A_BB7A_6D3221BF99A6. ] [8/2/2011, 18:27:7] (IronSpigot::MsiExternalUiHandler::UiHandler) Returning IDOK. Note for those struggling to figure out the details of this check.

Simply put on VS 2008 SP1 (installing VS 2008 SP1 does take some time so I realize "Simply" is maybe not the best choice of words here) and on the Install