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How To Check Multipathing In Solaris 10


The Multipath Daemon If you find you have trouble implementing a multipath configuration, you should ensure the multipath daemon is running as described in "Setting up DM-Multipath". IOCTL error is: 22 Jan 8 17:09:01 binas1 mpathadm[19430]: [ID 883528 user.debug] MP-API (SUN) Plugin: MP_GetMPLogicalUnitProperties(): IOCTL call failed. Run the mpathadm list lu command. # mpathadm list lu /dev/rdsk/c4t60020F20000035AF4267CCCB0002CEE2d0s2 Total Path Count: 2 Operational Path Count: 2 /dev/rdsk/c4t60003BA27D2120004204AC2B000DAB00d0s2 Total Path Count: 2 Operational Path Count: 2 /dev/rdsk/c4t60003BA27D2120004204AC1A000F1D6Cd0s2 Total Path See the IBM article "Tricks with Multipathd" for more examples. # multipathd -k > > show config > > CTRL-D The following command sequence ensures that multipath has picked up any have a peek at this web-site

Run the mpathadm show mpath-support mpath-support-name command. # mpathadm show mpath-support libmpscsi_vhci.so mpath-support: libmpscsi_vhci.so Vendor: Sun Microsystems Driver Name: scsi_vhci Default Load Balance: round-robin Supported Load Balance Types: round-robin logical-block Allows Yahoo! Please follow the steps below andrerunthe failing command. The minor numbers determine the name of the dm device. http://sysadmin-discuss.opensolaris.narkive.com/hguT2ywb/help-needed-wuth-mpathadm-error-unable-to-get-configuration-info-error

Error Unable To Get Mpath-support List

For each multipath device: action_if_any: alias (wwid_if_different_from_alias) dm_device_name_if_known vendor,product size=size features='features' hwhandler='hardware_handler' wp=write_permission_if_known For each path group: -+- policy='scheduling_policy' prio=prio_if_known status=path_group_status_if_known For each path: `- host:channel:id:lun devnode major:minor dm_status_if_known path_status online_status Select an mpath support name from the output list. 3. Occasionally, the path state and the dm state of a device will temporarily not agree. For example, the following command sequence displays the multipath configuration, including the defaults, before exiting the console.

For Sparc-based systems, multipathing support is enabled and disabled via the stmsboot -e and stmsboot -d commands. You may check 'prtconf -v' andsee the device is ina normal state. To enable or disable multipathing on a per-port basis, the mpxio-disable parameter may be set on a port-specific line in the fp.conf. (Syntax guidance is included in the comments of the Man Mpathadm Logical Path:/dev/rdsk/c6t60060E800561CF00000061CF00000002d0s2 Node WWN:203e0080e51c2cc4 Device Type:Disk device ......# luxadm display 203e0080e51c2cc4 DEVICE PROPERTIES for disk: 203e0080e51c2cc4 Vendor: SUN Product ID: LCSM100_F ------------> this is a 2540 or 2540-M2 array Revision: 0777

The multipathing support libmpscsi_vhci.so supports T10 target port group compliant devices by default. Currently, the software supports multipathing for fibre channel connections using supported host bus adapters. Note - This operation is not allowed when the given path is the last operational path remaining. http://osdir.com/ml/os.solaris.opensolaris.storage.general/2007-01/msg00009.html When Auto-Failback is enabled, the initial path comes back online, failover to the initial path automatically occurs. 1.

tia, -- leon This message posted from opensolaris.org Next Message by Thread: Re: Help needed with "mpathadm:Error: Unable to get configuration info" e did it, got MP_DRVR_INVALID_ID : <...> Jan 8 Stmsboot How to make it work? Explore Labs Configuration Deployment Troubleshooting Security Additional Tools Red Hat Access plug-ins Red Hat Satellite Certificate Tool Red Hat Insights Increase visibility into IT operations to detect and resolve technical issues Current Customers and Partners Log in for full access Log In New to Red Hat?

Solaris 11 Multipathing

The terms used in this chapter to denote a path, initiator port, target port, and logical unit are consistent with the T10 specification. https://www.princeton.edu/~unix/Solaris/troubleshoot/mpathadm.html If, however, you are using a multipathed device for which the features "1 queue_if_no_path" option is set as a compiled in default, as it is for many SAN devices, you must Error Unable To Get Mpath-support List Run the mpathadm disable path -i initiator-port-name -t target-port-name -l logical-unit-name command. # mpathadm disable path -i 2000000173018713 -t 20030003ba27d095 -l /dev/rdsk/c4t60003BA27D2120004204AC2B000DAB00d0s2 Note - The disabled state is not persistent across Mpathadm: Error: Unable To Get Configuration Information. Moving swap File Systems from a Single Path Device to a Multipath Device The procedure is exactly the same as illustrated in the previous section called Moving root File Systems from

This will rebuild the initial ramdisk and afford multipath the opportunity to build it's paths before the root file system is mounted by UUID. The 4 configuration files used in case of Solaris 11 are the same, performing the same task. By default the auto-failback is enabled. Select an initiator port and a target port name. 5. Solaris Mpxio Cheat Sheet

Specifying -v0 yields no output. Leon Koll Re: [storage-discuss] Re: Re: Help neede... When multipathing is enabled, copies of the /etc/vfstab and /kernel/drv/fp.conf files are preserved to allow the changes to be backed out if necessary. Source mpathadm: Unable to complete operation What's wrong?

To report errors in this serverguide documentation, file a bug report. How To Check Mpxio Version In Solaris mpathadm show initiator-port portname List available logical units. If you post the output,I will take a look at it.--HyonUnfortunately I cannot chek it now.

Jan 8 17:09:01 binas1 mpathadm[19430]: [ID 991081 user.debug] MP-API (SUN) Plugin: getStatus4ErrorCode(): - exit Jan 8 17:09:01 binas1 mpathadm[19430]: [ID 302736 user.debug] MP-API (SUN) Plugin: MP_GetMPLogicalUnitProperties(): - error exit Jan 8

It does not currently support multipathing for parallel SCSI devices or IP over FC. If you have any questions, please contact customer service. The various states for the paths are :ONLINE/primary ONLINE/secondary STANDBY/secondary OFFLINE/* UNAVAILABLE/*mpathadm (supported for FC/SAS/iSCSI) [Works on Solaris 10, 11] luxadm (supported on FC only) [Works on Solaris 7,8,9,10,11]# mpathadm list Solaris Mpxio Timeout Solaris Fibre Channel and Storage Multipathing Administration Guide 819-0139-12 Copyright © 2006, Sun Microsystems, Inc.

Fortunately, the scsi_vhci.conf file contains helpful syntax comments. mpathadm: Unable to complete operation What's wrong? The location of the configuration files is /etc/driver/drv/. Thesequence number isassoicated with instance numer of devicesunder scsi_vhci.

The -ll option displays the information the -l displays in addition to all other available components of the system. Then use the target port to list all logical units associated with this target port. 1. Run the mpathadm failover LU logical-unit-name command. # mpathadm failover LU /dev/rdsk/c4t60003BA27D2120004204AC2B000DAB00d0s2 If this operation is successful, the access state of the devices' target port groups changes. [email protected] Discussion: Help needed with "mpathadm:Error: Unable to get configuration info" error (too old to reply) Leon Koll 2007-01-07 15:36:38 UTC PermalinkRaw Message OS: S10 u3 w/all recent patches# mpathadm list

Specifying -v2 prints all detected paths, multipaths, and device maps. Run the mpathadm list lu command. # mpathadm list lu /dev/rdsk/c4t60020F20000035AF4267CCCB0002CEE2d0s2 Total Path Count: 2 Operational Path Count: 2 /dev/rdsk/c4t60003BA27D2120004204AC2B000DAB00d0s2 Total Path Count: 2 Operational Path Count: 2 /dev/rdsk/c4t60003BA27D2120004204AC1A000F1D6Cd0s2 Total Path