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My mail worked for quite a while after the latest Tyranis update. There is something wrong with the mail cache files Автор I_gor , Oct 23 2010 5:12 Авторизуйтесь для ответа в теме 4 ответов в теме #1 I_gor Отправлено 23 October 2010 All Rights Reserved. - perf 0,08s, ref 20161015/0748EVE-Online™ and Eve imagery © CCP. A bit quirky due to :ccp: - Most nofications types do not have a path for turning them into human readable text, yet. check over here

All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. This page lists the journal entries that are greater than 5% of the total ISK the character has seen recently; it also lists the number of transactions with any given non-npc Skill list will no longer distort the view of items. and more.

Eve Online Mail Cache Error

posted on March 12, 2015 | under I Want ISK EVE Online - Standard Sleeper Cache Walkthrough {JonnyPew} posted on December 4, 2014 | under EVE Video Chinese server ship skins Anyway i already hate evegate.----WBR, Dr. The tabbed interface is semi-shared between the two pages to try to minimize disruption.

Enjoy! permalinkembedsaveparentgive gold[–]Ghost4113Wormholer 0 points1 point2 points 1 year ago(0 children)Do you happen to be on a Mac? Simply put in the ID which can be found in the data array.eg.: this:<img src="http://image.eveonline.com/Character/characterID_256.jpg" width="256" height="256" alt="Name"> becomes<img src="http://image.eveonline.com/Character/

Maybe the ccp server is confused about sending out the same email multiple times (to gate and to eve itself).Would be nice if a dev could fix this problem asap ;) Eve Online Sleeper Cache ISK Mogul Adventures Home EVE Videos EVE Trial + 650 Million ISK SOV Maps General Gaming News 4X/Other Space Sims Deals Elite: Dangerous EVE Community MMORPGs Neverwinter Opinion Previews Reviews Star If it keeps a separate cache per char, it should work.it all goes into the same EVEmail cache folder, but there are different files for each character. pop over to these guys Just like mails.

Channel:online Client:Eng Мерсер, таже фигня на одном чаре, пока вылечить не получается мыл накопилось 30+поробуй esc>reset setting>clear mail cash 1 ПТН ПНХ Наверх #4 darkpan Отправлено 23 October 2010 - 16:12 Eve Online Shared Cache Location AJAX Assets View, AND SEARCHING! Skills contains skills (duh), queue status, and fitting checker. Notes: - [about] Added showinfo for "Parties Referenced" section - [about] Added SP and ISK if able - [about/activity] Market orders max and high SP skills section have been removed due

Eve Online Sleeper Cache

You can do a quick look if you add a command likeecho '

' . website here Here is our new flair menu that will hook you up! Eve Online Mail Cache Error blog comments powered by DisqusEVE Online, the datadump, the imagedump and all other EVE Online material are property of CCP hf. Eve Online Sleeper Cache Guide All members of your Alliance are to wire me a low price of 50m and I'll let them go. 

Things that will get your post/comment removed: Rules here: https://www.reddit.com/r/Eve/wiki/rules Relevant r/eve links: Found a bug in Eve Online? check my blog Some unknowns tenativiely named. - [notifications] Removed message, reworked some styling - [notifications] Reduced cache time ala mails - [apiCaching] Updated base api to look for an XML error when CCP To begin, download api-tutorial-part3-start.zip, unpack it and move it into your eve-charinfo folder. I don't know my NEW apis! (EVE Support) Create API: API Creation Wizard Everything API If using an old-style Limited API, remember to check the old api checkbox! Eve Online Clear Cache

Location of the cache and settings folders for Mac: The users preferences folder which has the cache and settings folder is created the first time the application is run. Arlina Mekia Posted - 2010.07.13 16:22:00 - [3] good to hear :Dplease for the love of god donot attempt this on a buddy who plays eve computer or our eve client Be prepared to give me the erring API. this content Petition to CCP came back with their response of not officially supporting Yosemite yet.

William Bell Pages: [1] :: one page First page | Previous page | Next page | Last page Copyright © 2006-2016, Chribba - OMG Labs. Eve Online Mail Out Of Game Inter-linking showinfo: You can now click links to see corp/alliance/item/char info from any other view in the show info - for example, view the char info of the ceo of a They will open ingame show info or a new window with show info if oog. - System and station links send you to dotlan - Alliance and corporation links send you

Showinfo parsing: Show info links are now parsed.

Skills view has been further improved. I already prepared the image tags and URLs for the character portrait and for the corporation and alliance logos. unfortunately the problem is came back when i chanced to my alt. Eve Online Mail App Sexy.

If the cache files are overwritten when switching chars, it won't work. No joy. If a user submits and arbitrary characterID, there will be no result, so add another if right after it:if (!empty($char)) { // Here we will work in the have a peek at these guys Time to use it.IMPORTANT: Pheal does not create the "root" folder for the cache, only necessary sub - folders.

permalinkembedsavegive gold[–]cdrw 4 points5 points6 points 1 year ago(0 children)Clear da cache. I did delete the files in that folder, then went to the esc menu and hit the 'clear cache' button for the mail, and it is working now. All rights are reserved worldwide. posted on January 26, 2015 | under EVE Patch Notes Starpoint Gemini 2 Titans DLC Preview Starpoint Gemini 2 is a singleplayer space exploration and c...

Support your product, support your customers, try to build and/or maintain a good name.Love the game. Kwahom Toblat GallenteBlack ProphecyRed Skull Society Posted - 2010.08.03 09:58:00 - [17] Edited by: Kwahom Toblat on 03/08/2010 09:59:09 Originally by: Gaia Ma'chelloMail was working for me, but I had to If this game was in beta (perpetual beta, seems like), different story. permalinkembedsave[–]diivil[S] 27 points28 points29 points 1 year ago(4 children)A guy in EG is having some problems. ****: WTF happening in EVE.

Sign in English (US) Deutsch Français 日本語 Русский Helpdesk Article EVE Online Technical Support Download, Installation & Updates Submit Support Ticket Related articles The EVE Launcher Account Recovery Download on Demand Show all ships of a certain class... No Exceptions. If you select a character and press Display selected character you will get an error message because the display.php file does not even exist yet.

In the backup ones there is a folder called "EveMail" I picked the backup with the highest number and copied the EveMail folder to "Cache" and mail started working!Tried that. print_r($data, true) . '

'; This is what happens:We get the pheal objectWe create a new Pheal object, passing the credentials (keyID, vCode) and tell it to use the If you didn't complete Part II, create a database schema as discribed there.You will find two new things:A display.php file, which we will be working withand a pheal folder which contains Love that someone tried it on a Mac and that it works.I refuse to implement the workaround.Call me stubborn, but a commercial piece of software should not require a user workaround.

Candera Naha Posted - 2010.07.26 19:01:00 - [11] These instructions are no help to me. Commercial piece of software with ridiculous amounts of money being poured into Facebook ads and such? Jump-to-item for significant assets, as well as offices for Corp mode. Go back One page | Go back to forums The new forums are live Please adjust your bookmarks to https://forums.eveonline.com These forums are archived and read-only Follow us on Facebook Twitter

This function could look like this:function loadPheal() { if (!class_exists('Pheal', FALSE)) { require_once 'pheal/Pheal.php'; spl_autoload_register("Pheal::classload"); $cacheDir = __DIR__ . '/pheal-cache/'; if (!is_dir($cacheDir)) { Tips for New/Old Players Consolidated List of Guides Should I Play Eve? If you want to podjump back, click here.