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I would say try connecessment. Please try laterError 1021027 - Failed to get the list of SQL tables. Please clear all user's exclusive locks and try again ##1013134 User [%s] canceled database validate ##1013135 You need to upgrade your client application to work with CDF/CDM on this server ##1013136 Assertion Failure - id=7333 condition='((!( tctxp->dbctxp )->bFatalError))' - line 1468 in file kernel/indavl.c - arguments [0] [0] [0] [0] Signal Number: 0x4=Illegal Instruction Signal Code: 0x3151539968=Unknown Not sure what these mean. check over here

No Dynamic Calc members are exported with the DataExportDynamicCalc option set to OFF. ##1012694 DataExport cannot export Dynamic Calc members in binary mode. Try using different dense dimension as column header. ##1012087 Syntax error in DATAIMPORTBIN command. Max is [%s]Error 1016109 - Invalid ROW CALC Column Number for [%s] : [%s] (Must be DATA Column in Original Order)Error 1016110 - Expected Equal Sign ('=') With Calc Row [%s] Cannot continue processing.Error 1001099 - Report parser error. navigate to these guys

Essbase Internal Logic Error

Top of Stack is reached. Is there a role with more responsibility? Refer to the Application Log for details. ##1008146 Unable to Unlock the Allocated Memory [%s] in [%s]. ##1008147 Unable to Allocate Memory for [%s] in [%s]. ##1008148 Unable to Allocate Memory Not the answer you're looking for?

The individual options must end with a semicolon ';' ##1012860 Syntax error in DataExportOptions command. Row Grouping member is not the same in the existing TOP, BOTTOM and ORDERBY statements.Error 1001211 - Report error. Refer to the Application Log for details.Error 1008130 - Unable to Lock the Allocated Memory for [%s] in [%s]. Essbase Error 1006078 Cannot continue processing.Error 1001081 - Report parser error at [%s].

asked 5 years ago viewed 885 times active 5 years ago Get the weekly newsletter! Essbase Received Abnormal Shutdown Command Application Terminating Please try laterError 1022001 - Administrator Has Temporarily Disabled User Update CommandsError 1022002 - User [%s] Does Not Have Correct Access for Command [%s]Error 1022003 - Database Outline Must Be Loaded Buy the Full Version More From This UserWayne EssbaseLookingatProcessesThreadsModules.pdfIntroduction Au PLSQL OracleAdminBDOracle_x4Tutoriel Business IntelligenceBO DesignerShell Esb Err Msgs by mechanical79619 viewsEmbedDownloadRead on Scribd mobile: iPhone, iPad and Android.Copyright: Attribution Non-Commercial (BY-NC)List Aborting the operation. ##1012061 The CALC command [%s] can only be used within a CALC Member Block ##1012062 Substitution variable name [%s] exceeds the maximum length (%s characters) ##1012063 Substitution variable

How would a vagrant civilization evolve? Essbase Error 1241101 not sure what happened. Missing Comma near [%s].Error 1001097 - Report parser error. Percentage of memory in use is [%s%%].Error 1008115 - Total physical memory is [%s] bytes.

Essbase Received Abnormal Shutdown Command Application Terminating

Missing Comma near [%s]. ##1001097 Report parser error. https://www.scribd.com/doc/44075819/Esb-Err-Msgs Refer to the Application Log for details.Error 1008129 - Unable to Allocate Physical Memory for [%s] in [%s] for reallocation. Essbase Internal Logic Error Please enter a title. Essbase Internal Logic Error 7505 A dynamic time series member in your report cannot be interpretedError 1020078 - Report contains inner row member with ambiguous parent.Error 1020079 - Codeset conversion buffer too small.Error 1020080 - Your

Total blocks: [%s]. ##1012690 Data Export Completed. check my blog Implied shared member [%s] does not have a real child ##1003040 Parallel dataload enabled: [%s] block prepare threads, [%s] block write threads. ##1003041 Data Unlock Elapsed Time : [%s] seconds ##1003042 Connect the condition parameters with 'AND' or 'OR ##1012098 Error in processing Data Export condition. Show 3 replies 1. Essbase Error Codes

Possible causes are file does not exist or file is in use by another system operation. Its real child does not exist ##1007138 Member [%s] is converted from implied share, but cannot find its real child ##1007141 One or more restructuring operations on the outline can cause Missing left parenthesis at [%s].Error 1001088 - Report parser error. this content Assertion failure Interface Builder encountered an internal logic error.

The application will re-attempt the abnormal shutdown request.\r\n ##1008152 \r\nSystem is still busy. Essbase Error 1020021 Restarted the app and everything is back to normal but want to know the reason for the crash. Max is [%s]Error 1016097 - Invalid Calc Row Operator [%s] Encountered During Calc--Contact your software providerError 1016098 - No Row Name Found After PRINTROW in Report SpecificationError 1016099 - PRINTROW Row

Essbase internal error.

Please increase the data file cache size for database [%s]. ##1006032 Invalid stored logical data block size [%s]. ##1006034 Waiting to swap a data file cache page for database [%s]. Got EOF while waiting for outstanding responses270Assertion failure in dequeueReusableCellWithIdentifier:forIndexPath:639Xcode error “Could not find Developer Disk Image” Hot Network Questions Logical fallacy: X is bad, Y is worse, thus X is Please clear all user's exclusive locks and try againError 1013121 - Cannot load alias. Essbase Error 1042017 Failed to get the list of columns.Error 1021035 - Value in the column [%s] might be truncated to [%s] bytesError 1021036 - Connection String [%s] is too long (exceeds [%s])Error 1021037

It took a bit longer than 10 minutes, closer to 30, but by the time it was finished my PC worked great again. Ignored ##1004010 '-' No Previous Member or Non-Matching Dimensions-Ignored ##1004011 Unknown Item [%s] in Invalid Combination ##1004012 Internal Error: Invalid Return from GrpTok ##1004013 Start Member Out of Range in Dimension Operator Not Implemented Yet. have a peek at these guys Elapsed time: [%s]. ##1005009 Ascii Backup: Writing block [%s]. ##1005017 Unable to write information to export file [%s] due to insufficient free space on that drive ##1005018 I/O failure writing to

Comma(,), space( ) and tab() are common delimiters ##1012077 Syntax error in DataExport command. There are other active users on databaseError 1013122 - Cannot remove alias. The sparse dimensions or dense dimensions on the row can only be compared with a value and not with any member. ##1012099 DataExport dry run message collection routine [%s] failed with Please try the request again.

After a project restart/reload, IB started croaking. Excel Ribbon SQL Spider Excel Ribbon Certification Результаты тестирования Пройти тестирование Proudly powered by WordPress Essbase Information Let My 13+ Years of Essbase Experience Help You Home Hire Me : Essbase Basically, IB is crashing. Essbase could not restructure the database.

See server log for more informationError 1021025 - SQL driver [%s] for [%s] is in use already and does not allow multiple connections. Refer to the Application Log for details.Error 1008146 - Unable to Unlock the Allocated Memory [%s] in [%s].Error 1008147 - Unable to Allocate Memory for [%s] in [%s].Error 1008148 - Unable Allocation granularity is [%s] bytes. ##1008119 Memory page size is [%s] bytes. ##1008122 Unable to Lock the Allocated Memory for [%s] in [%s]. ##1008124 Unable to Lock the Allocated Memory [%s] Available swap space is [%s] bytes. ##1008117 Total virtual memory is [%s] bytes.

There was a calc running during that time and some usual user activity. Generated Sat, 15 Oct 2016 06:50:33 GMT by s_ac15 (squid/3.5.20) Available virtual memory is [%s] bytes. ##1008118 Memory page size is [%s] bytes.