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Please provide a valid dense dimension name to be used as column header ##1012090 Binary Data Import Failed. For example, add this line to the HOSTS file to add a server named aspen with the IP address of aspenUNIX: Check the .rhosts file for an entry for Column [%s] is a date column, and its field name must be the name of a date dimension. ##1003067 The date format for column [%s] is not recognized. ##1003068 Data Load When JavaScript is disabled, you can view only the content of the help topic, which follows this message.Understanding Essbase Error MessagesThis document describes common Oracle Essbase error messages and informational messages, weblink

There are other active users on database ##1013124 Cannot commit database [%s]. Is Essbase Server running on the listed computer? Ignored ##1004006 '-' No Previous Member or Non-Matching Dimensions-Ignored ##1004007 Unknown Item [%s] in Invalid Combination ##1004008 Only '-' Operator or Space Allowed Between Members of Same Dimension ##1004009 ! There are other active users on database ##1013335 ReportWriter canceled ##1013336 Your Essbase license has been removed.\nNo further requests will be processed. ##1013337 Your Essbase license has expired.\nNo further requests will

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The disconnect is much faster than a system restart. Please load the database first ##1013294 A stopping size strictly greater than 1.0 is required for aggregate selection ##1013295 Server Request Fails with error code [%s] ##1013302 Estimation failed with status Also please make sure that Server and Port values are correct.Administration Services can find the server computer but cannot connect to Essbase Server.

So try this before you contact your admin team. Make sure that the file you are using is from the same Essbase release level as the .exe and .dll filesEssbase cannot read the message database file, ESSBASEPATH/bin/essbase.mdb.Ensure that you are Administration Errors Error Codes - 2 Error Codes for essbase Essbase Knowledge base Hyperion Planning Installation Steps Fragmentation in Essbase (BSO) Hyperion Essbase Overview please find some Q&A, wh... Essbase Error Code 1007083 There are other active users on database [%s] ##1013102 The database [%s] is not defined in application [%s] ##1013104 [%s] is an invalid member name in database [%s] ##1013105 The database

Please clear all user's exclusive locks and try again ##1013121 Cannot load alias. Essbase Error Data Item Found Before Member If ESSBASEPATH/bin/essbase.cfg does not exist on the server computer in the ESSBASEPATH/bin directory, create one using a text editor. fileName could be corrupted, or it could be the wrong release. Fix: If using numeric members, be sure those cells in the spreadsheet are formatted as General, not Text What if the error log exists but empty, it means that there is

There is a limit to the number of records that an error log can contain. Essbase Error Code 1051544 Ensure that the installation is correct.Did you select named pipes as the protocol when you installed? This blog does not represent the thoughts, intentions, plans or strategies of the author’s employer. Unknown token [%s]. ##1001100 Invalid member selection command for relational member ##1001102 Incorrect header in Report ##1001103 Regular Extractor Elapsed Time for [%s] : [%s] seconds ##1001104 Unexpected end of file

Essbase Error Data Item Found Before Member

That does help.
Cheers. http://epmaoracle.blogspot.com/2011/11/essbase-error-messages.html The DATACOL() arguments [%s] and [%s] in the TOP and BOTTOM commands do not match. ##1001208 Report error. Essbase Error Codes If you cannot stop Essbase Server using the standard methods, end the task (see Ending the Server Task).Is another application using the Essbase port? Essbase Error 1051293 Increase the values for NETDELAY and NETRETRYCOUNT (see Setting NETDELAY and NETRETRYCOUNT).

ODI / Essbase challenge - Extracting alternate ali... http://smartphpstatistics.com/essbase-error/essbase-error-codes.html Rarely, I still see this error in Planning when I attempt to refresh even after confirming there are no active sessions. Please increase CalcLockBlock setting and then retry. ##1012675 Commit Blocks Interval for the calculation is [%s] ##1012676 Member [%s] attempts to execute @POWER/@FACTORIAL function. The default limit is 1000 records, but you can set the limit to be higher or lower than 1000 by setting DATAERRORLIMIT in the ESSBASE.CFG file. Essbase Error 1002097

Your cache administrator is webmaster. Caused by: Cannot end stream build. In the networking layer, ensure that the number of buffers predicted to be sent in this session is correct. check over here Increase the values for NETDELAY and NETRETRYCOUNT (see Setting NETDELAY and NETRETRYCOUNT). 1041006Network error: Timed out waiting to receive messageEssbase timed out before receiving data from the named pipe.

Is Essbase Server running on the listed computer? Essbase Error Code 1090004 Ensure that the client can connect to Essbase Server. If necessary, stop and restart Essbase Server. 1041009Network error: Cannot connect to server serverNameEssbase API cannot complete the OpenOutline function.

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All members that need to be calculated in dimension [%s] are Two Pass Calc and Dynamic. ##1012055 Expression [%s] evaluates to an empty set. [%s] is ignored ##1012059 Invalid function specification If you cannot stop Essbase Server using the standard methods, end the task (see Ending the Server Task). When Hyperion Essbase writes the maximum allowed number of records in the error log file, it does not log any other errors it encounters. Essbase Technical Reference Ensure that you have the correct release of ESSBASEPATH/bin/essnetw.dll and ESSBASEPATH/bin/winsock.dll.

Please provide a valid filename ##1012089 Syntax Error in DATAEXPORTCOLHEADER option. Esm Block not found. Increase the NetRetryCount and/or NetDelay values in the essbase.cfg file. this content Please increase the data cache size. ##1006010 Invalid block header: Block's numbers do not match ##1006015 Not Enough Memory to Allocate the Data Buffer Cache. [%s] aborted ##1006016 Invalid block header:

Please provide a valid SQL password for the relational source ##1012082 The option [%s] is not supported in DataExport command. Consider making this member Dynamic or replicating the dependents. ##1012716 Remote region [%s] is not validated correctly yet. Spanning Hybrid Analysis Relational Source has been disabled. If another application assigns that port before you start Essbase Server, Essbase Server cannot process requests.

For example; if 3 columns are from the same dimension, then Essbase expects 3 data points. Close the socket yourself. Only [%s] blocks were imported. ##1012091 Binary Import error: Import filename too long. ##1012092 Binary data export: Failed to open file [%s]. ##1012093 Syntax error in DataExportCond command. Determine whether the ESSBASEPATH/bin/essnet.dll files match on the client computer and the server computer.

If Essbase Server has frozen, stop Essbase Server and follow the procedures for an abnormal shutdown. Exporting Dynamic Calc data may slow down performance. ##1012692 DataExport Warning: FIX statement contains sparse Dynamic Calc member [%s]. Update this file on both client and server. Please type your message and try again.

Aborting the operation. ##1012061 The CALC command [%s] can only be used within a CALC Member Block ##1012062 Substitution variable name [%s] exceeds the maximum length (%s characters) ##1012063 Substitution variable Please clear all user's exclusive locks and try again ##1013125 Cannot export database [%s] while %s on the database ##1013126 User [%s] canceled database export ##1013128 Out of disk space, please