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Cannot Open Cube View Essbase Error 1054060


id not perform complete security refresh. So why has it gone down? Also, if you're getting a permissions error, check and see whether the developers have moved to :USER and :PASSWORD based connection pool logins, check and see whether the database account that's User not available in configured user directories…. ] When the OU of a user is changed in the external provider, perform the following steps to sync the external provider changes to weblink

IgnoredError 1070026 - Corrupted Node Page in the B+tree. [%s] abortedError 1070028 - Chsize failed. [%s] abortedError 1070031 - Invalid frames link, [%s] abortedError 1070033 - Failed to allocate a fixed Rejected records will no longer be logged ##1003027 Unable to open file [%s] ##1003028 File [%s] is password protected and could not be read ##1003029 Encountered formatting error in spreadsheet file Check the Essbase server log and the system console to determine the cause of the problem. ##1012086 The record length exceeds the maximum limit of 32K. Contact us about this article Hi Alvin, DAC Documentation explains it better: -- Number of connections t 0 0 02/24/14--07:30: Re:Data Densification in an OBIEE 10/11g Contact us about this article

Essbase Error Message On Contacting Or From Application

A %d blogueros les gusta esto: This Essbase discussion board is provided as a free service and dedicated to all the Essbase professionals out there! << Previous Topic | Next Available swap space is [%s] bytes. ##1008117 Total virtual memory is [%s] bytes. Use DATAEXPORTNONEXISTINGBLOCKS ON option to export data from all potential blocks. ##1012700 Dynamic calc processor cannot allocate more than [%s] blocks from the heap. Verify that the %s is accessible using the Named Pipe and that the Essbase Agent is running on the serverError 1041009 - Network error: Cannot connect to server %sError 1041010 -

No spaces please The Profile Name is already in use Password Notify me of new activity in this group: Real Time Daily Never Keep me informed of the latest: White Papers This one is fairly easy to spot as the error message shows up directly in the dashboard (assuming caching is not switched on and results are being retrieved directly from the You're now being signed in. OBIA 5.

Client application must be upgraded to use this functionality ##1013172 The Client Dll version is older and is incompatible with the Server ##1013173 Error sending Mdx Ouput to the Client ##1013174 1051544 Message On Contacting Or From Application If you've got OBIEE integrated with EPM Suite and your are trying to log in using credentials stored in Shared Services, you'll find this will fail as well as the Java Increase the NetRetryCount and/or NetDelay values in the ESSBASE.CFG file. https://hynperion.wordpress.com/2012/07/06/1051544-message-on-contacting-or-from-application/ Please provide a valid DSN name ##1012079 Syntax error in DataExport command.

The correct command syntax is: DATAEXPORT BINFILE . ##1012857 DataExport Error: File [%s] already exists. Please increase CalcLockBlock setting and then retry. ##1012675 Commit Blocks Interval for the calculation is [%s] ##1012676 Member [%s] attempts to execute @POWER/@FACTORIAL function. Refer to the Application Log for details. ##1008133 Unable to Lock the Allocated Memory [%s] in [%s], because of insufficient privilege. The DATACOL() argument [%s] in the ORDERBY command must have a value between [1] and the max number of columns [%s] in the report. ##1001202 Report error. [%s] in the ORDERBY

1051544 Message On Contacting Or From Application

Total blocks: [%s]. https://blogs.oracle.com/pa/entry/error_connecting_to_planning_application Category: 2. Essbase Error Message On Contacting Or From Application Subscribe or subscribe via RSS with Feedly! Internal Essbase Japi Error 1054060 Incidentally, if you're having problems authenticating against Shared Services but you think you've got all the elements set up correctly, the following two Presentation Services logs will show you whether authentication

Elapsed time: [%s]. ##1005032 Parallel export failed due to status [%s] ##1005033 Parallel export error: Failed to open input file [%s]. ##1005034 Parallel export: Error after reading [%s] export filenames from have a peek at these guys Null fixed region defined.Error 1024001 - Query execution aborted. Try using different dense dimension as column header. ##1012087 Syntax error in DATAIMPORTBIN command. Please provide a single character as the delimiter. Cannot Open Cube View Essbase Error 1054009

Looks like we need to "Assing Acces Control" in the application groups (Shared Services). Delete the filter / user afterward.This takes any existing user properties, application differences and even Smart View / APS completely out of the equation. 1 person found this helpful Like Show Please provide a valid SQL user name for the relational source ##1012081 Syntax error in DataExport command. check over here Analytic server error(1051544) unknown error: Not a Valid entry when logging into the Excel Add-In.

Please increase the data file cache size for database [%s].Error 1006032 - Invalid stored logical data block size [%s].Error 1006034 - Waiting to swap a data file cache page for database The valid options are ESS_MERGE_DATABASE_DATA_ALL and ESS_MERGE_DATABASE_DATA_INCREMENTAL ##1013202 Waiting for Login Requests ##1013203 Connected to Admin Pipe ##1013204 Client Commands are Currently Not Being Accepted ##1013205 Received Command [%s] ##1013206 SetActive Using virtual memory to allocate the remainder of the index and data caches.Error 1070079 - Turning off cache memory locking due to insufficient privilege.

Once you've found that out checking through the logs is more or less the same as when running under windows.

So there you have it, a few tips on troubleshooting basic

Exporting Dynamic Calc data may slow down performance. ##1012692 DataExport Warning: FIX statement contains sparse Dynamic Calc member [%s]. Using virtual memory to allocate the remainder of the data cache. ##1006030 Failed to bring a data file page into cache. Essbase Error(1051544): Message On Contacting Or from Application Contact us about this article http://hynperion.wordpress.com/2012/07/06/1051544-message-on-contacting-or- 0 0 02/28/14--04:09: RE: No Drill-Through Reports Found at This Location Contact us about this article Did Syntax error at [%s].Error 1001094 - Report parser error.

Your script cannot be run from a non-Unicode mode application on this server. ##1012145 The calculation script contains a bad or malformed locale header. Apply all changes in the outline change log before attempting to migrate.Error 1070076 - Converted [%s] LRO index entriesError 1070077 - Locking the index cache pages into physical memory.Error 1070078 - Please increase the data cache size for database [%s]. ##1006024 A valid outline must already have been loaded in order to initialize the Data Block Manager component of the Essbase Kernel. this content Total blocks: [%s]. ##1012690 Data Export Completed.

Connect the condition parameters with 'AND' or 'OR ##1012098 Error in processing Data Export condition. Mark Rittman Read more posts by this author. No action required.Essbase_ODL log file: [AGENT-1037] [AGENT] [ecid: ,0] [tid: 2396] Logging out user [Test, active for 5 minutes [TCP-59] [TCP] [ecid: ,0] [tid: 3432] Connected from [::ffff:IPAddress] [AGENT-1164] [AGENT] This is a status messages.