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Fixes an issue which could prevent creating new conversations. Action: Fix configuration for the specified hub-user so that the specified hub-domain is configured to synchronize by more than one Connector. It is possible that an earlier exception was logged and propagated for additional handling. Updated several LYRClient authentication delegate callbacks to guarantee invocation on the main thread. 0.9.2Enhancements Improved concurrency and error handling in the persistence layer.

Cause: This is an informational message that indicates when a hub user synchronization session has ended. The next step in the run profile will not run and data will not be obsoleted. Context: class="msg" 3 Cause: A null object has been detected. We're using Netscaler 11 build 63.16 with StoreFront 3 and XenApp 7.7.

Error While Initializing Syncengine Could Not Parse Config

The Sync-Engine detected this problem when it examined the key-field String array returned by method SyncConfig::getDomainKeyFields. temporary-certifier-file-creation-failure An attempt was made to fetch the certifier information for the certifier container specified by the "_MMS_Certifier" attribute and temporarily create a certifier file in the MAData directory of the The failed connector endpoint will be cleared for this user so a new connector endpoint can be configured during the next synchronization cycle. Level: 1 Type: ERROR Impact: Configuration BDSS-35012: Cannot find the Connector user with the ID of class="msgexplan" 1 for the Connector named class="msgexplan" 0.

Also, fix the cause of that is producing this null field value within the PimRecordDescription metadata of a PIM record. Action: Examine this message in the log to determine which hub domain failed. This string is never logged by itself but is only ever appended to another primary logged message string. Though it's a bit rare for this to cause a connection error, it can appear to end-users that the connection is dead since they don't appear to be in sync with

Can you have a look at our new troubleshooting guide to see if this helps with your issue:http://support.citrix.com/article/CTX202515 If not, can you please send in a device log after recreating Bug Fixes The client will now suppress "Connection reset by peer" transport errors that occur when a connection is lost and reconnection is triggered. 0.9.10Bug Fixes Fixed an issue where metadata To correct this error, use the connector space object viewer to determine which of the changes to the reference attributes were not successfully exported. Deprecated addPolicy:error: in favor of addPolicies:error: and removePolicy:error: in favor of removePolicies:error: which provides for performing bulk policy operations.

Added canonicalObjectIdentifierForIdentifier: to LYRClient to help with migrating externally stored object identifier references to the new schema. Ensure that all connectors are providing valid ExtractRequest responses to the Sync-Engine. Action: Review the configuration for this Connector and resolve the problem. Cause: The Sync-Engine has detected an invalid hub-user in the UsersArray.

Yaml Parser

If this string is the value for the MIIS_ManagementAgent.RunStatus property, then no run step is currently running but a run step has been run in the past. https://discussions.citrix.com/topic/372527-android-receiver-38-could-not-add-account-when-trying-to-connect-to-netscaler/ If an import run step returned this value, the processing of retries and cleanup of placeholder objects will not be performed. Error While Initializing Syncengine Could Not Parse Config Fixes an issue which caused the client to improperly handle calls to addPolicy:error or removePolicy:error: when called multiple times in rapid succession. Ensure that your project's iOS deployment target is iOS 8.0 or greater.

Either go with the popular bunch (Verisign and the like) or be prepared to export/import the cert onto the affected devices. Action: Ensure that the hub user exists in configuration and is configured correctly. For more information about configuring your management agent, see Configure Management Agents in the ILM 2007 FP1 Help. dn-attributes-failure An attempt is made to export an add or modify request that sets a reference value for which there is no corresponding connected data source object.

Resolve the deadlock. If this error is encountered, use the Identity Manager to refresh the schema stored with the management agent. Attempts to set metadata on key-paths where the nested parents did not yet exist would fail silently. The next step in the run profile will not run and data will not be obsoleted.

Level: 1 Type: ERROR Impact: Other BDSS-10004: Original Error already logged. Fixed crash when dealing with huge numbers of Rich Content parts. Action: Ensure your data store is running and you can log into it from a client and that the user and record exist in configuration.

Having said that, their device may already be set up to connect into the system and may auto-connect during the initial sync.

Action: Validate that BDSS configuration is correct for synchronizing between two connectors. class="msgaction" 8 Cause: The BDSS MBeans are not accessable or were not successfully installed. Delete/Re-add Every so often we see user accounts that have problems with the Initial Sync process (the sync process from GroupWise to the Mobility db only…. Level: 1 Type: ERROR Impact: Data BDSS-20057: Failed connector initialization.

Action: Examine the log entry for this message to obtain the Connector retrieved from the problematic ExtractResponse. If an import run step returned this value, the processing of retries and cleanup of placeholder objects will not be performed. LYRConversation property participants returns objects of type LYRIdentity. Cause: The Sync-Engine was not able to get a connector endpoint for the hub user and Connector specified in this message.

No action is needed based on this message alone. If this string is the value for theMIIS_ManagementAgent.RunStatus property, then no run step is currently running but a run step has been run in the past. Action: See the log for the primary logged message to determine whether any action is needed. If an import run step returned this value, the processing of retries and cleanup of placeholder objects will not be performed.

On Apple devices, it is recommended that, for now, it remain blank. We encourage developers to send us the crash report (the traced error message, exception and the stack trace). Level: 1 Type: ERROR Impact: Data BDSS-20055: Invalid connector endpoint for hub user: class="msgentry" 2, Connector: class="msgentry" 1. Do you have another way to retrieve the logs? 1269-372527-1903669 Back to top Alan Canlin Citrix Employees #4 Alan Canlin 100 posts Posted 09 November 2015 - 02:57 PM John,

Conversations will now contain all metadata immediately after they are created. 0.17.1Bug Fixes Fixed the observer crash when initializing the LYRClient and protected data is unavailable. I am now not able to connect at all. Now, that the IP address is bound, we are working again. Action: Fix the key-field configuration for the specified hub domain.

The next step in the run profile will not run and data will not be obsoleted. no-start-database-schema-mismatch The run step failed to start because the configured schema does not match the schema in the connected directory. Has the user's password recently changed? The specified Connector will not be allowed to synchronize for the current hub-user sync-session.

For more information on this, there are a number of discussions on external sites, one example of which is http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2882253/how-do-i-get-the-logfile-from-an-android-device Thanks Alan 1269-372527-1903847 Back to top Andrew Elling Members #5 Query controller will now report an error if execute: is called while an update is currently in flight. 0.19.1Bug Fixes Fixed an issue where synchronizeWithRemoteNotification:completion: would return an error when invoked