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While having both installations we have two ORACLE_HOME directories and both have SQAORA32.dll files. How can i acheive this in Server jobs? Also when I trace the ODBC connection I got following DIAG [08001] [Microsoft][ODBC driver for Oracle][Oracle]Error while trying to retrieve text for error ORA-12154 (12154) DIAG [IM006] [Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Driver's Ans: Ans:Depend upon duration: suppose u mentioned as like 12-15 months:52 jobs 98. this contact form

Pls tell me what is troubleshooting in datastage view? Once I uninstalled the client as you did it worked fine. Tell me Wt main advantage of Stage varibles? Versions from DATASTAGE 8.0 do not have this tool. http://www.ibm.com/support/docview.wss?uid=swg21408097

Error While Trying To Retrieve Text For Error Ora-12154 Datastage

It also maintains the references of the problems that have been fixed and the enhancements made to the process. Error while trying to retrieve text for error ORA-12154 sling040404 sl asked Mar 3, 2010 | Replies (1) I've recently reloaded the windows XP sp2 for one of our company computer. You're now being signed in.

Ans: Mainly we need 3 Environment variable to run datastage px job. New version of DS is 8.0 and supprots QUALITY STAGE & Profile Stage and etc B. ODBC stage also does the same but it will be slow and its generic ,, I suggest using ODBC stage where there is no specific plugins to connect to a database. I have 2 jobs.I want to ru job B if job A has run 3 times.How can I achieve this through datastage?

Put the first job A in loop for 3 times. Location Of Tnsnames.ora In Datastage But some how I am not able to connect to oracle servers anymore. Ans: The main advantage of Stage Variables is to reduce the repetition of the code for all the required columns in the Transformer. http://oracle.ittoolbox.com/groups/technical-functional/oracle-db-l/error-while-trying-to-retrieve-text-for-error-ora12154-3346941 This will remove duplicate in transformer stage. 68.

Could you please help me fix this problem. The connection/service identifiers known to the Oracle run-time client are defined in the tnsnames.ora file, $ORACLE_HOME/network/admin/tnsnames.ora Verify that the identifier specified for the failing Oracle connection has been defined in tnsnames.ora. This will 100% work why because in my present project we are using the same format. /// Go to Sequential File ---> Select Filter Property -----> Set Filetr = sort | Ans: Inorder to know about Change Apply, u should have knowledge on ChangeCapture Stage..

Location Of Tnsnames.ora In Datastage

Does anyone have any recommendations or advice? my review here Ans: You can invoke shell script through Job Properties --> Before Job routine --->ExecSH (using execute command stage) 63. Error While Trying To Retrieve Text For Error Ora-12154 Datastage Ans: no one know about size of the DWH but u can define as like it should be tera bites and datamart size is 6 gb 99. Ans: //// USING SAVE POINT CAN PREVENT THIS PROBLEM ///// using an option called cleanup on failure ///// by using look-up stage we can get the answer..there are two tables like

This will give you records read from source, written to output link and written to Reject link. 2. Home | Invite Peers | More Oracle Groups Your account is ready. If I make any changes in the parallel job,do I need to implement the changes in the sequencer job,else the changes will be reflected automatically? OCI error encountered.

IBM6 Ans: SERVER JOBS RUN ON PIPELINING & PARTITIONING LOADS SINGLE NODE PARALLEL JOB MULTIPLE NODE DOES NOT SUPPORT WHEN 1 JOB FINISH SUPPORTS SYNCHRONIZED SERVER JOBS USES SYMMETRICMULTIPROCESSING PARALLEL JOBS Ans: Binary Format not support in Aggregate Stage 82. When we check the log in director, we can identify the job by its name followed by its invocation ID. 27.How can you join flat file, oracle as a sources? navigate here The following are typical errors, but multiple variations exist: Error while trying to retrieve text for error ORA-12154 APT_OraReadOperator: connect failed.

Ans: Lookup stage reject link captures unmatched primary entries and Merge stage reject links captures unmatched secondary entries 52. HOW WILL YOU IMPLEMENT SURROGATE KEY IN SCD BY USING SURR_KEY GENERATOR,THE VALUE OF S_KEY SHOULD NOT REPEAT EVEN IF THE JOB IS COMPILED REPEATEDELY? What is isolation level and when do u use them?

Setting up environment variables required to use Oracle run-time client The Oracle client requires that the following environment variables be defined.

How can we do null handling in sequential files? It looks like it?s the permission problem. let donwloading then after is hopen you well all thing are working agen for disribution only with a new ei pc [email protected] windows xp home edition sp 2. When I load up the Net Manager for the 32 bit oracle client folder I am able to test the same service I'm trying to connect to.

We use advertisements to support this website and fund the development of new content. Ans: u use surrogate key generator. 12.How can we run same job in 1 day 2 times IBM4 Ans: multiple instance is a good concept available in ds parallel jobs through Please also note that the name of the library path environment variable varies with different operating systems: AIX - use LIBPATH Solaris - use LD_LIBRARY_PATH HP-UX - use SHLIB_PATH Linux - ccode-- 1 indicates record not in 1st file 2 indicates record not in 2nd file 20.What is PX?

To solve the problem, you have two options: Specify the Oracle connection string, instead of the TNS service name in the Oracle Connection Manager Editor, for example, in the following format: HP1 Ans : In server jobs three types of Updates are available, Update Existing Rows Onlly Update Existing Rows Or Insert New rows Insert New rows or Update Existing Rows In It can be connected to any databases with ODBC drivers where as ORACLE stage connects only to Oracle databases. How did you reconcile source with target?

Ans: The stage variables are those variables that can be used and declared on our own inside the transformer stage. What are the common errors in data stage? The main disadvantage of snowflake schema is its normalised format, so performance is poor and it is complex. 22.WHAT ARE PERFORMANACE SETTINGS YOU HAVE IMPLEMENTES IN YOUR PROJECT? best example is atm machine transactions. // usually in almost all projects have customer dimension which is fast growing dimension .

target 74. It will unlock the job. /// Tools > Reporting console > Administration > Session Management > Active session In session management you can find locked jobs there u can select. 56. To solve the problem, you have two options: Specify the Oracle connection string, instead of the TNS service name in the Oracle Connection Manager Editor, for example, in the following format: Ans: we can view the log of a job in datastage director.

Like below ( but may change based on the configuration): export PATH . /opt/IBM/InformationServer/Server/DSEngine/dsenv LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$APT_ORCHHOME/lib:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH; export LD_LIBRARY_PATH 2.what is usage of datastage with materialized views HP2 Ans: A. Ans: R.D Stage remove the duplicates every one knows but u can find max salary...... ORA-12154: TNS:could not resolve the connect identifier. ORACLE_HOME=/home/oracle LIBPATH=$LIBPATH:$ORACLE_HOME/lib: PATH=$PATH:$ORACLE_HOME/bin Change the path defined for ORACLE_HOME to the correct path for your system.

Ans: Through SCP(secure copy), ftp,sftp Command also we can 86. well thanks you put me on the right track.. –Rubenisme Jan 20 '14 at 15:51 Received the same error.