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As MacOS Sierra will be arriving soon, I'm contemplating simply waiting for that release. In version 4.2 and later, text antialiasing will be set using the Antialias text type in the Font selector instead. To do that, you will have to run it from the command line. If you join (match) the table to itself so that the same column appears twice in the resulting table, but offset by one row, you can then do calculations involving both

sebastiantiede commented Nov 8, 2015 same for me Firefox 42 on OS X Owner nuxsmin commented Dec 13, 2015 Can you try the latest build?. Q3.20 What's SAMP and/or PLASTIC all about then? If there's something wrong which is not noted in Section 4, please mail me and let me know. Not ideal but it gets the copying task done when required. https://github.com/nuxsmin/sysPass/issues/158

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If because of terminated funding or for some other reason I cease work on it, another project or individual could take on some level of maintenance, support and/or development in my If you do not already have this, you can obtain it from Oracle's Java SE page "Java Runtime Environment" is what you want. This problem should be fixed in Scisoft releases after 7.0.

Q5.5 I get an error about a SizingScrollPane on my Java 1.7 Mac On some Macs running java 1.7 (Mountain the example table 6dfgs_mini (from Examples|Load Example Table menu in Load Window).

in case there are no PCs on your network that connect to the server. A hack is present in TOPCAT v4.2-2 and later to avoid this, but there are various ways to work around it anyway. We can help with optimization, profiling, debugging, coding etc as well as the usual "install/update software" requests (along with the HPC/ACRC team and others).   [ back to top ] IT Note that you need quotation marks around the string after the -jar switch if it contains spaces, as it does in the example above.

I think this post is better suited here. Pdf Scissors This allows there to be many versions of packages installed and for users to select which versions they want to use. For the present I will continue to develop using Oracle's Java, so it remains the recommended platform. I like to think that the code is sufficiently well organised and documented that this is a realistic possibility.

Any feedback about positive or negative experiences with this is very welcome.

Q2.7 How do I set up TOPCAT to run on Microsoft Windows? GateKeeper) default to not letting you run anything from anywhere other than the Mac App Store or from signed applications. See 'Running Jobs' section below. Macs and Linux users can use the ssh command from a Terminal, i.e.: $ ssh [email protected] If intending to run interactive graphical programs, Mac users should install and run XQuartz prior

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This will have the effect that subsequent matches only operate on these objects. http://www.star.bris.ac.uk/~mbt/topcat/faq.html Add a subset () Fill in the Subset Name field (e.g. Error While Copying Password Required Briss All options to the queuing system are made in scripts in this way, but adding comments which begin with the string "#PBS". Crop Pdf Free frabjous View Public Profile Find More Posts by frabjous Track Posts by frabjous via RSS 05-10-2010, 05:55 PM #5 laborg Zealot Posts: 105 Karma: 94000 Join Date: Oct 2007

Using the resulting cross-matched table, do a different colour magnitude diagram of the cluster objects. Further information on job queuing The documentation for BlueCrystal describes this well, and this can be found in the BlueCrystal manual at https://www.acrc.bris.ac.uk/phase2_user_guide/phase2_user_guide5.htm.   The many options which are available are The most efficient table format to use is FITS (either basic or "FITS-plus" - see Q3.2) specifically FITS BINTABLE extensions in uncompressed files on disk. This may lead to fewer matches than you were expecting. Java

There is more detailed information in the manual.

Q3.3 How do I read Multi-Extension FITS files? In many ways, TOPCAT is a traditional data analysis tool, in that it will perform most of its functions quite happily with no network connection. Delete the original TOPCAT, then rename "TOPCAT copy" to TOPCAT. Since its written in Java runs under Linux/Windows/MacOSX.

Use the Session option in the Save Window to save, and load the table that outputs in the normal way to restore. I don't do PDF very often unless I absolutely have to. What appears are 2 pages- I think the first are odd number pages, and the second are the evens.2) I draw a rectangle around the 1st page.

The following bugs affecting crossmatching have been reported in recent years: A bug was reported on 23 May 2011 by Yannick Roehlly concerning sky matches near the line RA=0.

Installing a java application such as TOPCAT is usually pretty straightforward, and there's not too much that can go wrong - at least compared to applications written in compiled languages such Please try the request again. Plot and unplot different subsets Use different plotting styles (click on plot symbols in Row Subsets panel, and/or Marker Style menu Add error bars ( and/or , or Errors menu) Change You can do this using the STILTS tcat or tcatn commands however.

Q3.15 Can TOPCAT read SExtractor output?

This should also add any required library and include paths, so that you should just be able to add modules and then use "#include " in your source code, or "-llibraryname" Please try the request again. Briefly, if a SAMP "hub" is running then some of TOPCAT's controls allow you to send instructions or data to other tools. SSH If you just want to ssh to the cluster for text-mode access and do not need to access storage directly from your home PC, then you can: ssh to seis.bris.ac.uk

Use the ASCII file extracted.txt, or one of your own. File testjob.sh contains: #!/bin/bash # # PBS job submission example script cd ${HOME}/somewhere # output goes here $HOME/some/command/or/other This is then submitted with the command "qsub testjob.sh".