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Netflix Error Code 1016


Involved in concurrency issues. SE_XML_COLUMN_LOAD_MODE (-425) The XML column is in load-only I/O mode. Check the extended error code to get the errno value. SE_VIEW_NOEXIST (-239) The specified DBMS view does not exist. http://smartphpstatistics.com/error-code/could-not-install-eset-installer-on-target-computer-sc-error-code-11-gle-error-code-1460.html

SE_INVALID_USER (-9) The user attempting to access the ArcSDE server does not have a valid login account on the ArcSDE host machine. From: Matt Driscoll [mailto:[email protected]] Sent: Monday, July 28, 2014 9:35 AM To: Esri/geoform-template-js Cc: Christopher, Treg A (DFW) Subject: Re: [geoform-template-js] Record not submitting when value entered in date field (#164) SE_RASTERBAND_NO_GDB_METADATA (-403) The raster band has no geodatabase metadata. SE_CPG_CONVERSION_OVERFLOW (-393) The destination string buffer is too small.

Esri Error Code 1016

SE_IOMGR_NO_DBMS_CONNECT (-69) The iomgr has lost its connection to the underlying DBMS. SE_INVALID_XML_INDEX_ALTER (-335) Attempted to alter a non-modifiable field. SE_OUT_OF_CONTEXT (-14) The call is somehow out of context or inappropriate. You signed out in another tab or window.

Is ours the only feature class/service that the date-time field is not working on? SE_NO_SHAPES (-47) The function found no shapes to process. This works in the geoform online example, so I’m wondering if there’s some setting for my fc or in the egdb that is causing the problem in my test? SE_LAYER_NOT_REGISTERED (-457) The table containing a spatial column is not registered as a layer with ArcSDE.

ObsDate ( type: esriFieldTypeDate , alias: Observation Date , editable: true , nullable: true , length: 36 ) Or OccurPolygonID ( type: esriFieldTypeInteger , alias: OccurPolygonID , editable: true , nullable: Netflix Error Code 1016 Ipad SE_EXIT_LOGFILE_INIT_FAILED 7 A fatal error occurred when setting up log files. The maximum allowed is the lesser of MAX_DISTINCT (SERVER_CONFIG) and the max_distinct argument in SE_table_calculate_stats. The specified instance is a version older than 2.0. Here is what it says: {"addResults":[{"success":false,"error":{"code":1016,"description":"Setting of value for obsdate failed."}}],"updateResults":[],"deleteResults":[] I think the format of the date field is different but should be supported. SE_INVALID_STREAM (-107) An invalid stream (SE_STREAM) handle was detected. SE_OUT_OF_LOCKS (-50) No longer in use No more locks can be granted because all system lock resources are being used. What are "desires of the flesh"?

Netflix Error Code 1016 Ipad

SE_NO_SDE_ROWID_COLUMN (-169) The current table does not have an ArcSDE-maintained row ID column. https://github.com/Esri/geoform-template-js/issues/164 SE_UNSUPPORTED_OPERATION (-210) The requested operation is not supported. Esri Error Code 1016 SE_CONNECTIONS_EXCEEDED (-7) The number of allowed server connections was exceeded and no more logins to the ArcSDE server are allowed until a connection is closed. SE_RASTERCOLUMN_INUSE (-225) Another user is using the requested raster column.

SE_NO_REQUEST_STATUS (-230) The status of the request cannot be determined. http://smartphpstatistics.com/error-code/gle-error-code-5.html SE_NOT_IMPLEMENTED_YET (-83) The specified function is not implemented yet but is intended for a future release. SE_FUNCTION_SEQUENCE_ERROR (-113) A function was called out of sequence. Service error 500 The service was not able to fulfill the request, possibly due to invalid input, or the service may not be functioning properly.Not implemented501The requested service is not implemented.

This is the field: obsdate ( type: esriFieldTypeDate , alias: obsdate , editable: true , nullable: true , length: 36 ) A working field looks like this: date (type: esriFieldTypeDate, alias: Returned from functions that store or replace shapes. SE_INVALID_XPATH (-345) Incorrect XPATH syntax. http://smartphpstatistics.com/error-code/eset-sc-error-code-11-gle-error-code-1460.html SE_TABLE_SCHEMA_IS_LOCKED (-248) The specified table is already locked.

SE_LOG_NOEXIST (-43) The named log file does not exist. They include fatal errors, non-fatal warnings, and exit codes. SE_NULL_VALUE (-1004) Returned by the SE_stream_get_ functions when the given column has a NULL value in the current row.

In order to safeguard your code from comparing against these numbers directly we suggest some form of abstraction, such as an errors enumeration or error class.

I’m not sure if any of them have impact on your Geoform functionality but I believe these are pretty much out-of-the-box results when publishing a feature service from ArcMap. SE_SPATIALREF_IN_USE (-256) The specified spatial reference entry is in use by one or more layers. SE_INVALID_SDO_GEOM_METADATA_OBJ (-300) The user-supplied table or column is invalid. The operation cannot be performed until the transaction is committed or rolled back.

The SE_EXTENT_STATS_QUERY object was not initialized. SE_MISSING_JOIN_CONSTRAINT (-384) QUERYFROM join constraint is missing. SE_INVALID_VOLUME_INFO (-315) The volume information in the header file of a multivolume export file is invalid. http://smartphpstatistics.com/error-code/sc-error-code-11-gle-error-code-1460.html SE_INVALID_ETYPE_MASK (-31) The entity types or combinations in the entity type mask are invalid.

I believe the solution is to convert the JavaScript date object to epoch. If NULL suppliet instead of array pointer default values will be195 * used (i.e., zeroes).196 *197 * @return OGRERR_NONE on success or an error code in case of failure. 198 */199200OGRErr OGRSpatialReference::importFromPCI( const char *pszProj,201        SE_INVALID_BIN_FUNCTION (-310) Invalid raster band bin function. SE_RASTERBUFFER_TOO_SMALL (-294) The raster buffer size is not large enough.

If I leave this field blank, the submission works and I see the new record in the webmap. SE_UNCHANGED (-6) The specified shape was unchanged. SE_INVALID_DISTINCT_TYPE (-104) Tried to generate distinct statistics on an invalid type.